A Gallery of Your Own

Journey through the private art collection at Viridian. Each piece has been specifically curated for the story that it tells and the feeling that it evokes. Displayed throughout the property, discover and experience the original pieces by Vancouver-based artists Bratsa Bonifacho, Georgy Korablev, Miriam Aroeste and more.

Click Each Artist to Experience Our Full Collection

Approach Viridian's welcoming lobby and experience Bratsa Bonifacho, a local Vancouver artist whose work is showcased in museums across five continents, including in the neighbouring Bau-Xi Gallery. Nomen Est Omen is part of his Habitat Pixel series.

Georgy Korablev’s “gPop” pieces can be found throughout Viridian - in the fireside co-working lounge, the private dining room, and the corridors of every floor. His raw and refined visual style take photographs to a new level of abstraction.

Through the lounges, private dining area and elevator vestibule, you will immerse yourself in the abstract style of Miriam Aroeste. Recognized for her deeply abstract visual appeal as well as an underlying conceptual basis, Miriam is just one of the artists that you will experience along your discovery of Viridian.

Passing through the lobby alcove you will be greeted by Willingly Saturated One and Willingly Saturated Two by Kimberly Blackstock, a local Vancouver artist whose work has been featured throughout the Greater Vancouver Area.

Experience Linda Gallo’s “Architect’s Window” as you step through the front foyer of Viridian. Linda Gallo is a Vancouver-based artist.

Visit our leasing office and experience the abstract works of Steve Fortier, known for his abstract subject deconstruction work.